Self-esteem is not an empty word; it has a huge impact on the quality of our lives. The main thing is to distinguish between adequate self-esteem and underestimation. Psychologists note key differences in the character and habits of people with high and low self-esteem.

Here are the signs of high self-esteem:

  • A person is proud of their achievements.
  • They are not afraid of their fears and confidently act in accordance with their own interests.
  • They take responsibility for their actions.
  • They treat failures without exaggeration – they see them as a part of life that needs to be lived through.
  • A person accepts new challenges with enthusiasm and understands the impact they can have on others.
  • They freely express their feelings, understanding their diversity.

Therefore, a person with high self-esteem lives their life to the fullest and accepts it in all its aspects. There are no bad or good feelings for them, because they understand that they themselves are the main architect of their life.

Here are the signs of low self-esteem:

  • A person avoids difficult situations and does not try to solve them.
  • They are easily manipulated and controlled by others.
  • They usually make excuses or defend themselves against criticism.
  • It is difficult for them to distinguish their own feelings and needs from external influences.
  • They often blame others for their troubles and disappointments.
  • Such a person cannot build a successful career or harmonious relationships.

It is also important to note that adults with high self-esteem are more likely to raise children who also have high self-esteem. In other words, self-esteem can be passed down from parents to children or be formed under the influence of the environment, as can low self-esteem.

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