Most representatives of these zodiac signs feed on negative emotions and do not see a problem with this.


Aries are impulsive and emotional due to their element – they have a truly “fiery” character. Representatives of the sign try not to show the whole spectrum of their emotions from the beginning of the relationship, so for many, their inadequate behavior will be an unpleasant surprise after a long time of communication.

If you hurt Aries’ feelings, be careful: he can defend his interests rudely, sometimes even with the use of physical force. Representatives of this zodiac sign remember insults for a long time, they will never communicate with those with whom they once had a conflict, even if it was ten years ago.

If Aries is in a leadership position, it is better to beware of disputes with him. Stick to your opinion so as not to cause a serious conflict.


Representatives of this sign are always confident: they know everything better than others. Imposing their opinion in a dispute, they often drive their interlocutors into a dead end, which becomes the cause of the conflict.

The emotions and feelings of Gemini are always unstable. In a conversation, they can cling to a casually thrown phrase and immediately begin to sort things out. But they are not vindictive: at first they can make a scandal, and then easily let go of the situation, laugh and talk with the interlocutor as if nothing had happened. Such behavior usually raises questions among others.


These are perfectionists who try to make their life perfect. They are also prone to jealousy. If you have achieved something that Virgo does not yet have, they can publicly criticize and devalue your achievements in order to reduce their importance in the eyes of others (and in their own). This character trait often leads to the fact that Virgos begin to criticize even those with whom they are not at all familiar.

It is not easy to live with Virgos – they will обязательно remind you if you suddenly forget to close the tube of toothpaste, put something in the wrong place or cut the bread the wrong way.


Even the most large-scale conflict for him is, in essence, another performance. Having thrown a few really offensive words at a loved one, they will not attach much importance to it. They are not shy in their expressions, justifying such behavior with their straightforwardness and not feeling the line between sincerity and rudeness.

In addition, Scorpios are prone to provocations and arrange them professionally. With their irascibility and resentment, they skillfully manipulate others, not caring about their feelings. Then they contentedly watch the flaring up or already flared up conflict, not feeling guilty.


They love to make scandals with or without reason. Sagittarius wants to attract attention to themselves in any way available, even if they have to resort to rudeness. They are one of those who are not afraid to sort things out in a cafe or to rudely answer the cashier in a store.

Representatives of the sign often want to leave the last word for themselves, to prove their innocence in a senseless dispute that was provoked by them. In addition, they can easily offend a person without noticing it.

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